Crystal Chakra Set with carry pouch

Crystal Chakra Set with carry pouch

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Chakra crystal set
Seven tumble stone and carry Pock

Our energy centres are called chakras.

When our chakras are clear and balanced our body can be in optimum health.

This set contains:

Seven Tumble /Tumbled stones in a lovely red pouch

Clear quartz -crown Chakra - top of head
- spiritual enlightenment

Amethyst - third eye chakra - between the eye brows - intuition

Lapis Lazuli - throat chakra - throat - for speaking your truth

Green aventurine -heart chakra - love, trust and forgiveness.

Tigers Eye - solar plexus chakra - 3 inches above navel - represents our power.

Red Jasper - sacral chakra - 2 inches below navel - represents our creativity and sexuality.

Black obsidian - base / root chakra - tailbone - represents security and stability.

Price is for one crystal set, crystals may vary from picture

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All suggestions for metaphysical uses of crystals on this page do not replace conventional medicine.